Friday, May 4, 2012

Break Through:When to Give In When to Push Back by Tim Clinton- Beneficial!

In reading this book I discovered and recognized myself and those close to me within these pages. Very beneficial to readers from all walks of life, those stuggling in present and past situations and ones needing breakthroughs and understanding which is delivered in an honest and compassionate voice. I connected with each life story contained in most chapters.

Some topics discussed are: How to really love the people in your life even if they have a hard time repaying the love, how to recognize counterfeit love, what is enmeshment, the different levels of trust and so much more! Included are self evalutation questions to reflect upon.

I learned so much while reading this well written and researched book. I found myself rereading some material before proceeding to the next chapter. Don't expect to finish it in a day or two as alot of valuable information is contained within this volume and to rush through it would guarantee missing key points. The overall message is inspiring and I found myself totally immersed into the book. I was greatly entertained and would highly recommend this book to others. Thanks to Worthy Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC for my review.

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