Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perfect garden gloves

It seems like I am constantly buying new all purpose cloth garden gloves. I have found that latex medical gloves work great (for those without latex allergies)  for most light yard and planting jobs excellent in wet soils. When you are done take them off and leave them inside out to put around places you have problems with deer as I do.


  1. I also think latex gloves are good for gardening. The soil wouldn’t stick to it so you’ll be able to work faster. It’s pretty good that you found out about that. What were you using before by the way? Sorry for being too enthusiastic about gardening gloves; it certainly is a big deal for me because I also love gardening.

    Malinda Chaudhry

  2. Thanks Malinda for your comment and suggestion! Before I was using regular cloth garden gloves that I purchased at Walmart or other inexpensive stores. I found that I didn't like how they got wet and hard to work with, and you are right the soil sticks badly to them and they seemed to fall apart quickly especially around the fingertips. I will have to get some latex gloves myself thanks so much for the tip! And it is a big deal for me too because if they don't hold up well it is money wasted! Thanks again Malinda and have a great weekend!