Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Death Of A Garage Sale Newbie by Sharon Dunn

You Never Know What Will Turn Up At A Garage Sale!

Three Horses, Montana is home to many unique garage sales with bargains abounding. Meet four inseparable friends who stay on a budget while entertaining their pockets for pennies! Mary Margaret, Ginger, Suzanne and Kindra are kindred spirits, all in different stages of life, newbies and seasoned shoppers, who each share one passion: garage sales. When one member of their group goes missing the remaining three join forces and discover how danger can lurk in familiar settings, the mystery of death now compounding the circumstances.

I loved reading this adventurous, suspenseful and sometimes humorous mystery that took my attention with well crafted twists and turns which left me guessing! The main characters, who seemed like old friends I could see myself going to sales with, as well as host of many more unique characters, were well developed and entertaining. The storyline and dialogue flowed smoothly with no dull parts and from the beginning I found it hard to put down. I would recommend this enjoyable novel to others!


  1. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. It sounds like an interesting book! :O)

  2. You are welcome Diane! It was a fun and interesting read and very seasonal since yard and garage sales are starting to pop up now! Thanks for your comment!