Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Death of A Six Foot Teddy Bear by Sharon Dunn

Murder and Mayhem at the World's Largest Yard Sale!

Join the members of the Bargain Hunters Network (BHN) Kindra, Ginger, Suzanne and Arleta on another adventure at the Wind Up Hotel located in picturesque Calamity, Nevada. Calamity seems to have its own share of mystery and excitement, besides being host to the World's Largest Garage Sale! The Wind Up is overbooked with guests attending both the Inventors and the Squirrel Lover's Convention.
From no air conditioning and a faulty elevator to strange disappearances this trip for the BHN will be anything but boring!

Dustin Clydell and his ex-wife Tiffany share in the responsibilies of running the hotel, find that success in the business world can sometimes have its drawbacks.

Detectives Cynthia and Cindy are called to the scene to investigate mystery and mayhem surrounding the hotel and its guests. The detectives find that concern for their waistlines can become a challenge when temptations lie on every corner.

When someone occupying a bear costume is found murdered, one of their own (BHN) becomes a suspect in the murder investigation. Far from the comforts of home and bargains in Three Horses, Montana who could these four women trust?

In this second and final book in the Bargain Hunters Mysteries series, I enjoyed reconnecting with the girls in a new adventure! I found the book hard to put down. The introduction of additional characters and new scenery kept the story moving and entertaining! With twists, turns and suspense in the storyline (had me guessing throughout) along with a sprinkling of humor and romance this book has it all. I connected with the characters through the dialogue and at times felt as if I were there. I found the overall message to be inspiring and faith challenging and would recommend this book to others.

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