Thursday, January 12, 2012

Into the Free by Julie Cantrell- The Best Coming of Age Story I have read!

The Reynolds, a family broken, struggling and alone, grasping for air and hoping for dreams.

Jack bullrider, dangerously controlling

Marie depressive, and very much a victim of circumstances

Daughter Millie young, searching for God and answers in the home and situations that she is a part of. Usually found nestled safely among the branches of her magnificient sweet gum tree, Sweetie, she escapes into her backyard watching from above the world that lies beneath.

Sloth best friend of Millie, each helping the other through the storms of life.

Every year the traveling gypsys arrive in town bringing with them fascination, curiousity, a little music and magic to captivate the residents of Iti Taloa, Mississippi. When Millie now 16, meets one of them he entrances her and for awhile she steps out of her present life and sees the world through his eyes. Promises are made and secrets are shared. When tragedy descends upon Millie the choices she has are now limited, her past lying in front of her eyes she must make a decision about her future. But when a new opportunity arrises she leaps forward. Can this be where she has belonged all along, after all, where she can be free?

This very well written novel is by far the best coming of age story I have read. The author tackles sensitive issues with grace and compassion and gives the characters a strong voice. I quickly became "attached" to Millie. A story guaranteed to capture your heart, stir your emotions and keep you reading until finished. I will definately be reading more from this author in the future and look forward to hopefully a sequel. Dialogue, description and scene mesh together perfectly creating an unforgetable and hard to put down book! I was entertained, challenged in my faith and I highly recommend this book to others. Thank you to David C Cook Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC copy for my review.

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