Monday, January 16, 2012

Captain of Her Heart by Lily George- My Review

Harriet, a great lover of books, her sister Sophie, and mother Harriet have been forced to support themselves upon the death of Harriet's husband. Capt John Brookes returning from war and betrothed to Sophie has seen much in his previous years. The war leaving him with scars and memories that haunt him in ways beyond his control. At Sophie's request to Harriet she asks that Harriet entertain John while she makes up her mind about their relationship. Harriet yearns to be an authoress, and putting in practice her dream she begins to compose a memoir about the war. When John's Aunt Catherine arrives to stay with him she seems to bond instantly with Harriet. Can John and Harriet successfully work together despite their differences and create the masterpiece she so longs for? And in doing so will it drive a wedge between the sisters?

While my heart went out to John from the injustices he has suffered, I feel I did not connect with the characters, John and Harriet as much as I had hoped. I did enjoy Aunt Catherine's character however as she breathed humor into the storyline. Dialogue worked for the most part although I wondered why John sometimes was called John but most of the time was called Brookes by even the ladies. I always enjoy the opportunity of reading a new authors work, and this author will be one to watch in the future! The historical experiences and scenery in the time period from which this book is written captured my attention and entertained me. The bonus story was good and a nice addition to the book.

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