Sunday, February 10, 2013

At The Corner of Grace and Mundane by Chris Fabry- Very Enjoyable!

At the Corner of Mundane and Grace by Fabry, Christopher H.

Come take a walk and treat yourself to a little bit of reminicing on the road to Mundane and Grace!

What does childrearing, Mount Everest and hunting trips have in common? Only the makings of a fun to read collection of short stories that are linked to God's loving grace!

Little inspirational easy to read stories with a heavy dose of humor and honesty to relax and enjoy.

I can't say enough good things about this book. Can be savored in a long sitting or two or saved for when life gives you a few minutes here and there. Offers alot of enjoyment and big smile moments. This book can be enjoyed by males and females alike as everyone will be able to relate to stories in theirs and others lives. A delightful true keeper of a book, which strengthened my faith and can others as well and will be enjoyed again for those times when a little "pick me up" is needed to get through the day. I can recommend this book to everyone! Well written and hard to put down! 5 Stars!

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