Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sinner's Creed by Scott Stapp with David Ritz- Honest

As a boy the author felt the need to protect his family. When his father had abandoned the family a new one became a replacement. A new name, a new life, a new age, and the world as he knew it had changed drastically. The years that followed, the trails, tribulations and victories would ultimately shape him into the man he is today.
Quite an exquisite and keeper volume also includes within its pages: How he and his fellow band members got together to form the band known as Creed, where their songs originated and also includes color photos and lyrics that make up their albums.

Honest, raw, revealing and spiritual, this book promises hope from the challenges of a difficult childhood. What an encouragement this book is to others! If you are a fan of Creed, or even if you are not as familiar this memoir is guaranteed to grab you as it did me and will keep you hanging on every word. This book may become a tool for reflection and encouragement long after the book is closed and put on the shelf. I was challenged in my faith about his journey and will highly recommend this well written book to others. I received a complimentary book copy for this blog tour from Tyndale House Publishers for my review.

Scott Stapp
Scott Stapp is among the most successful artists of the modern rock era. As Creed's lead vocalist, he has sold over 35 million records, with 26 million sold in the United States alone. He has toured the world several times, selling out arenas and major stadiums. His song, "With Arms Wide Open" won a Grammy as Best Rock Song of 2000. One Rolling Stone writer has called Stapp "one of the most influential and boldest rock writer/performers of the past 25 years whose fans must be counted in the legions." In 2000, Stapp founded the With Arms Wide Open Foundation, a charity organization dedicated to "promoting healthy, loving relationships between children and their families." In early 2010, Stapp flew to Haiti to help the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.His first solo album, The Great Divide, has already been certified Double Platinum (2 million+ sales), and he is in the process of recording a second album, due out in 2012. Scott lives in Florida with his wife Jacyln (Miss New York USA of 2004 and Mrs. Florida America of 2008), and their three young children. 

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