Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Altared- The True Story of a She, a He, and How They Both Got Too Worked Up About We by Claire and Eli- My Review

Altared by Claire

This book contains his and her views separately and also as one voice on how they found each other, their initial thoughts and feelings about the courtship, their hopes and views on marriage and singleness, Christ's love for them and in truth where their importance lied and how their lives ended up evolving. Included are chapters entitled: Tips from Tolstoy, Love Thy Neighbor, Loneliness the Ache, Beach Balls and Sex Talks and many more. This volume also contains many bible passages and interpretations and quotes from familiar personalities.

A truly different kind of singleness/marriage book than what I am used to reading and what started out as being so-so actually became quite good as their story moved along. I feel this book could be helpful for young new Christians or ones that have lost their way as it contains many life lessons learned by the authors. It could be enjoyed by male or female readers as both authors are contributing to the storyline. I did enjoy the bible references and passages but in all honesty even though I thought it progessed to be entertaining for the most part, and as an older married reader, I could not take a piece from this book and apply it to my own life. 3 stars

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