Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Rose of Winslow Street by Elizabeth Camden- Very Enjoyable!

A family far away from their home in Romania arrive in Massachusetts and come to reside in the home of their ancestors only to find that it looks to be occupied. Soon Michael discovers that there is more to the house than he first thought.
Michael, keeper of treasures kept in a wooden box, his sister Mirela who is haunted by something locked away in her past, his sons Andrei and Luke and family friends traveling with Michael's family find America is not as hospitable as they had hoped.
Libby imprisoned by the way others see her, views the world through the colors that she paints.
Libby and Michael's first introductions are anything but memorable. Although Michael is in awe of Libby's paintings he is very protective of what is his. Despite their clear differences, can it be possible to find a common ground between themselves, and if so, will it destroy what each has worked so hard to keep hidden?

I was taken in by this book from the beginning chapter and could not put it down until I was finished about 6 hrs later! It was heartwarming, romantic, laced with deceit, secrets, history, bitterness and acceptance. This original and creative novel with well developed characters, that I felt as if I knew them, storyline, dialogue and scenery promises many enjoyable hours with no dull parts. I was highly entertained and challenged in my faith. I would highly recommend this novel to others!

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